About Nordfor

Nordfor Training & Consulting AB, Huskvarna, Sweden is an independent consulting company working mainly with the forestry sector. Our chief clients include private forest companies, logging equipment manufacturers, donor agencies and government organisations in Sweden as well as internationally.

Nordfor’s main fields of expertise are implementing company or organisation policies into field practise, i.e. ensuring that changes decided upon really take place in the forest, and to ensure that productivity goals are attained. This means working in close contact with our clients seeking practical and efficient ways to implement decisions made. Our chief tool of work is training programmes carefully tailored to suit our clients.

Our specific fields of expertise include analyses of harvesting and silvicultural systems/methods, development and implementation of improved work techniques and methods, planning routines and training of management staff, supervisors and operators. High environmental standards are always strived for in Nordfor assignments.

Assignments outside Sweden have become more and more important for Nordfor. Since a number of years back, contractors make up an increasing share of our clients, in Sweden as well as internationally. This is a trend we expect to continue.

Nordfor uses the services of some 10 consultants, representing a unique know-how and experience. We have been active in development and training for more than 50 years and have gathered experience from hundreds of assignments in most corners of the world.