Training programmes


Our silvicultural services emphasize optimised future harvests on a sustainable basis, while taking nature conservation seriously. Our expertise includes:

  • Regeneration and planting techniques.
  • Pre-commercial thinning and juvenile spacing.
  • Commercial thinning and shelterwood methods.

Techniques and work methods are adapted to local conditions and requirements in order to secure successful implementation.


We offer a broad range of consulting and training services in harvesting. Our expertise includes:

  • Design and implementation of training programmes to improve existing operations or to introduce new systems
  • Training of trainers
  • Analyses of operational efficiency
  • Operational planning
  • On-site planning and daily planning of work
  • Training machine operators, e.g. harvester and forwarder operators
  • Chainsaw training, felling techniques and safety routines
  • Implementation of mechanized cut-to-length systems
  • Road layout and road construction

Training course in harvesting planning in China
Training course in harvesting planning in China

Over the decades we have accumulated experience of most logging systems. We always adapt new techniques and work methods to local conditions and if possible also to existing equipment. Environmental concern and work safety are always given the highest priority in our work, as is of course productivity.

Transfer of knowledge and training is always emphasized in our assignments

Human resources development and training of managers, supervisors, instructors, machine operators and workers is always a major part of our assignments. Nordfor is noted for its progressive training methods and experienced training consultants. Our efficient and safety minded techniques and work methods combined with on-site and hands-on training methods are well recognized. Nordfor attributes and have been appreciated by our clients worldwide.

Environmental impacts and considerations

Environmental and ecological considerations are more or less always included in our assignments. Our services also include ecological management, environmental audits and impact assessments.

Training of supervisors and silviculture workers in FSC/PEFC standards
Training of supervisors and silviculture workers in FSC/PEFC standards